Employee Benefits for Healthy Growth Employee Benefits for Healthy Growth

Employee Benefits for Healthy Growth

Help your employees successfully grow their own vegetables with Fryd.

These companies already use Fryd in the areas of CSR, BGM, and ESG.

Super Fryd for Businesses

Corporate Social Responsibility and Occupational Health Management

Gardening is good for your health, as numerous scientific studies have shown (1). We go one step further: Ecological gardening with Fryd has proven positive effects on the environment (2).

That's why we offer you Fryd pro memberships at special rates for your employees or customers. They benefit from this, and it promotes a sustainably positive climate – in your company and on our planet.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) with Fryd

The term ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) refers to the voluntary corporate social responsibility.

Healthy employees are the foundation of any business success. Therefore, preventive measures for health promotion are becoming increasingly important.

At the same time, companies today must act sustainably to preserve our Earth for future generations. Our diet is one of the most significant factors influencing climate change.

Why your money is well spent

Fryd is an impact-driven start-up dedicated to helping individuals reconnect with their food, aiming to make a positive change in our food systems. How? With your support!

Here's why other companies have chosen Fryd.


Gardening reduces the stress hormone cortisol and sustainably strengthens mental health.


Gardening in the fresh air, among other things, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy Eating

Homegrown vegetables mean: no chemicals, but higher vitamin and nutrient content.

Sustainable Eating

Ecological farming increases biodiversity, reduces waste, and cuts CO2 emissions.

Conscious Consumption

Those who garden with Fryd are more attentive to seasonality (+22%), ecological cultivation (+13%), and local sourcing (+13%) when shopping.

Happy to help

Happy to help

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