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Something's off

We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy vegetables. The issues with industrial production are mounting, and it's high time we address them. Together, we're all part of the solution!

Fast, convenient, cheap?

We live in total abundance and consume without regard for our planet and the people who produce our food. We simply do not stand by this. Food should be seasonal, regional and organic. We're committed to shaping a world that's worth living in for everyone, including the generations to come.

The great desire

Cultivating your own vegetables is a joyful experience: immersing yourself in the soil, reaping the harvest, and embracing nature's creative force. Our aim is to share this remarkable sensation with everyone. However, sometimes a shortage of knowledge and experience can lead to less than satisfying outcomes.

Gardening for a better world

Our goal is to redefine gardening for an entire generation: as a social experience. Instead of everyone gardening alone, we make it a communal experience. For a sustainable awareness in society. This is how we can change the world.

Why your money is well spent

Fryd is an impact-driven start-up dedicated to helping individuals reconnect with their food, aiming to make a positive change in our food systems. How? With your support!

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The Fryd Team

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Anna Design
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Florian Founder
Product & Design
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Francesco Support & Testing
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Jens Founder
Sales & Partner
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Marie Agrobiology
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Marlene Marketing
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Moritz Software-Development
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Sarah Marketing
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Steffen Founder
Product & Dev
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Urs Software-Development
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Zoë Library & Marketing
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The Fryd Values Happy Bee


We're committed to equitable solutions for everyone involved. We act with integrity and honesty, both towards ourselves and others, ensuring we never take advantage of anyone.


We highly value mutual support and assistance. We approach situations with a positive mindset and always remain attentive to the needs of others.


We deeply believe in our values and work towards nurturing a society grounded in solidarity, all within a harmonious ecological world.


It's okay if things don't always go as planned. What's important is finding joy in the process. Our ultimate goal? To ignite a passion for gardening!