Together, we surpass ourselves Together, we surpass ourselves

Together, we surpass ourselves

We dream of a world where every person is capable of growing their own food. Thankfully, we're not the only ones dreaming

Our partners

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt – unser Partner für die Umwelt

The German Federal Foundation for the Environment supports company foundations and start-ups that innovatively combine solutions for the environment, ecology, and sustainability with a focus on digitalization. Fryd was among the first projects to be supported under the special Green Start-up program. For this, we are very grateful.

Alnatura – unser Partner für nachhaltige Ernährung

Since 1984, Alnatura has been a pioneer of organic supermarkets in Germany. The company's vision, 'Meaningful for People and Earth,' is consistently embodied in all areas. Here, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a philosophy. We are fortunate to have Alnatura as a partner, a company that places people, rather than pure economic interests, at the center of its thinking and actions.

University of Hohenheim

Founded in 1818 after devastating famines, the University of Hohenheim has always felt committed to not only intensive basic research but also the tradition of developing innovative solutions for pressing societal problems. Today, it is Germany's No. 1 in agricultural research and food sciences. Together with students from the University of Hohenheim, we are working to help shape our future nutrition.

Purpose Economy

Fryd is a company under steward-ownership. This is an alternative to conventional ownership structures and allows us to prioritize long-term purpose and sustainable decisions over short-term profit maximization. Profits are not withdrawn for individual purposes but serve the company's mission and its development. The Steward-Ownership Foundation supports this through necessary knowledge, resources, consulting, and capital.

Good Food Collective

The Good Food Collective is an alliance of stakeholders in the food industry. Our mission: We help each other create an ecological, fair, and meaningful food system and collectively promote it within society.

Ackerhelden – our Bioland-certified partner for organic farming

Do you live in the city and don't have your own garden? Our friends at Ackerhelden offer you a rental garden plot on organic farms near you. As the official digital partner, we provide special conditions for Ackerhelden customers. Your pre-planted plot is also already saved in the app. So, you can get started right away.

Blühender Landkreis – for biodiversity

The Ravensburg district is located in the Lake Constance region and sets a positive example when it comes to biodiversity. In a large blooming campaign, residents are supported with free seeds, online events, and detailed planting instructions to bring areas back to bloom. In the campaign year 2021, nearly 6,000 households participated in the initiative. We are excited to support this project as partners starting in 2022.

Deutsche Schreberjugend

The Deutsche Schreberjugend has a historical connection to the allotment garden movement and is now a non-partisan and non-denominational youth association. The interests of children and young people are particularly at the forefront. Together, we are committed to projects where we inspire young people for ecological vegetable cultivation and sustainable nutrition.


Test, test, test – that's the mantra of Usabilitywerk. Since 2011, the company has stood for outstanding user-friendliness in everything related to human-technology interaction. The focus is on the users and the joy and intuition of using the application.