The right answer to every gardening questions

The right answer to every gardening questions

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Der Gurkenfreund:) 2 hours ago
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Hi there:) I wanted to go to school this morning as normal and suddenly a good friend of mine is standing outside my front door with this whole load of plants and I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed now😅 Picture 1: I don't know Picture 2: Tree spinach Picture 3: Tomatoes Picture 4: Basil Picture 5: Raspberries Are all the plants healthy so far? Can anyone tell what variety the tomatoes, basil and raspberries are? In the 3rd picture, the pot of the tomato plant on the far left is already much too small, so that its roots have branched out through the drainage holes. What do I do with it? Brief info on what I have done for now: -I have put the tomatoes under cover -The spinach will be separated as soon as possible -I have also watered them sufficiently Do you have any other tips for me?

Gartenhase 2 hours ago
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Blooms with me 😂😂 I'm also quite happy in the greenhouse / only my raised beds still need some work 🥹🥹 This wet period really came in between

Lisa die Imkerin 3 hours ago
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My new, but actually old, raised bed is now working again. I thought it wasn't going to happen this year. I actually wanted to have it ready in March. It was a complete disaster before that, as it was totally filled with extremely dense roots (tree roots). The raised bed of horror! It was back-breaking work to get everything out, as I didn't want to knock the box to pieces, but wanted to reuse it. We managed it at the last minute in mid-May, so that at least tomatoes, zucchinis and eggplants could be planted in time. Tomatoes hang over the front, zucchinis I pull upwards.

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