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How to become a beta tester

Step into the vibrant world of Fryd beta testing, where your insights help us grow! There are two tailored ways to join, whether you’re on iOS or Android. As we’re in the beta phase for our English version, you might stumble upon a few missing or malfunctioning features. Yet, every hiccup is a step towards refining Fryd to perfection!

Smartphone with Fryd App
Smartphone with Fryd App

As an iOS user:

For beta access on iOS you have to join our beta program on Testflight. For more instructions and to be redirected to the Testflight download, simply press the button below.

Smartphone with android beta information
Smartphone with android beta information

As an Android user:

1. Go to the Play Store
2. Search for the Fryd app
3. Scroll down until you find a field saying ‚Join the beta‘.

If you have any further questions or problems please contact our at [email protected]